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She noted that along with developing local trade, the government should allow other countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, China and Laos to transship their goods through Vietnam ports to lmake the most of their logistics services.
Intended for servicing ships having capacity of around 91,300 tonnes, the terminal which will be used to transship wheat, corn and soya bean, will include five piers, a warehouse, a railroad and road front and conveyers.
It is expected that it will become the third largest in the world and will serve 90 million passengers a year, after the implementation of the first phase and transship 2.5 million cargoes.
The Government has relaxed cabotage restrictions for ports which transship at least 50% of the container handled by them.
Kulevi Oil Terminal can transship a range of hydrocarbons including crude oil, fuel oil, vacuum gasoil, gasoline, gasoil, aviation kerosene, ULSD, methanol, and LPG.
The CBa 6324 will moor against the ship and travel alongside it to transship the cargo from the convoy barges supplied by a small tug from the first buoy.
We elaborated this project in the team of specialists from Metinvest, Transship and Portinvest.
QTerminals on Thursday announced that it would offer incentives to the main shipping lines that have direct services calling at Hamad Port and do not transship within a range of 250 Nm from Hamad Port.
based on "the cost that would be incurred to transship or land fish