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To determine the replenishment quantities, we proposed: (1) a new model of the transshipment problem based on the chance constrained programming and (2) we developed a hybrid algorithm based on fuzzy simulation and genetic algorithm.
It consists of a check-in area and a transshipment module of five 600-metres-long tracks operated by three portal cranes.
The Malaysian government has now pledged to cooperate fully with the United States to deal with the growing concern that Malaysia is emerging as a popular transshipment center for military equipment to Iran.
Like competing transshipment hubs, huge container ships arriving at the Port of the Americas will have cargo broken down and then shipped in smaller vessels to other U.
He said the Chinese fake products were transported on a sophisticated transshipment route and Hong Kong needs to tighten grips on its port.
Transshipment through South Korea's ports remains a serious problem.
This is followed by a discussion of reverse supply chain strategies and models and the resulting transshipment applications.
This situation can be resolved either by emergency order to the higher echelon or lateral transshipment from other retailer having inventory to spare.
Based on comments questioning whether or not clinical investigators would be able to enforce the regulations of a "listed" country in an "unlisted" country, FDA reconsidered its interpretation and decided that transshipment should not be permitted.
This results in hundreds of vehicles being containerized by contract personnel at the transshipment port.
But the agreement contains a mechanism that allows the United States to adjust and penalize Vietnam's quotas if there is evidence of transshipment.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency to prevent textile transshipment have become hampered by resource constraints, internal control weaknesses and shifting priorities brought on by the changing security landscape.