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The most stringent penalty would involve triple charges over three years on transshipped category limits.
Singapore is very important because more cargo containers are transshipped through the port of Singapore to the U.
Paul Molleman, Wine Institute's trade director in Europe says: "Most of the shipments to Holland and some to Belgium are actually transshipped to Germany.
That kind of development costs money-about $28 million just to build the company's port at Itacoatiara, where the Madeira River meets the Amazon and where the soybeans are transshipped to larger seagoing ships.
To ensure that the 300-NM maximum is not exceeded in the case of grain transshipped at ports in Eastern Canada, the charge would not be applied to vessels loading grain at a Canadian port east of Lake Ontario.
11 (ANI): The first shipment of wheat from India transshipped via Iran's Chabahar Port arrived in Afghanistan on Saturday.
Existing Qatar shipments that are transshipped via UAE or direct to Qatar, will be re-routed to other ports.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- The Baku International Sea Trade Port transshipped 1.
Six debris containers were transshipped in the morning from the terminal in Shinagawa Ward to three crushing facilities, from where combustibles will be taken to an incinerator in Koto Ward.