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Phase I, completed in March, changed the terms of the Universal Service Contract to L Term (Local Drayage) for all lumber and plywood containers from Pier 8 delivery to the Busan Storage Facility for un-stuffing, inspection, storage and later for transshipping to final destination customers.
With more product there will be less transshipping.
Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang were seen as the three largest production centers of fake items, while Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangdong were recognized as major transshipping ports.
As a result, the 831st is responsible for transshipping all OEF-bound cargo arriving in "Area of Operations" from MSC vessels to commercial ships for onward movement.
into international territories, a practice known as transshipping, or parallel imports.
Transshipping involves the transferring or selling of a collectible line by an authorized dealer to an unauthorized dealer.
Dribeck's suit says, "MBD's unauthorized transshipping has damaged Dribeck and affected its sales to other authorized distributors.
2 that it has concluded a memorandum of understanding with Canada Steamship Lines, pursuant to which both companies will work together to evaluate the best means to effect the transshipping of iron ore concentrate to ocean going vessels from Port-Cartier in Quebec.
For example, the newly agreed proposal calls on authorities to seize counterfeit and pirated goods for exports and transshipping, not only imports at customs of importing countries covered by the WTO rules, the officials said.
WASHINGTON (FNS)-Citing concerns that Macau has become a transshipping haven, the U.