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when one recalls that the indelible mark that the character imprints on the soul of the priest is no other than the power with which he is invested to transubstantiate bread and wine and to absolve, even if he happens himself personally to be unworthy by the loss of grace.
That the PCC was understood by many as an artwork at all proved the point that a century on from Duchamp's invention of the readymade, artists no longer need rely on the art system's visible syntax to transubstantiate bits of life into art; as Andrea Fraser has argued, the institution of art lives immaterially in the heads of anyone who recognizes it.
In Bruce Ackerman's words, the Constitution "proliferat[es] the modes of representation governing normal politics" (240) because "no legal form can transubstantiate any political institution of normal politics into We the People of the United States.
It is this very realization that caused such conflict between Catholic advocates of the Eucharist as transubstantiate and Protestant reductions of it to a mere seal, a signifier, of a signified that is always elsewhere.
Over and over again, the brilliance and sensitivity of Ingres's draughtsmanship, his magical ability to transubstantiate paint into fabric, skin, lace, jewels, and feathers, and his unfailing eye for nuances of fashion clamor for our attention, and then other, subtler considerations make themselves felt, sometimes in the same picture, sometimes in different ones.
lines 21-24, 29-32) </pre> <p>It is as though the metonymy of Book 2's situation--Being with Stone--takes the form in the earlier lyric of a deeper synecdoche still whereby the "grey stone" is no longer even potentially incidental or divisible from the poet's Being, but unmisgivingly exists to signify or transubstantiate the soul's "wise passiveness.
Words and the Word," she recounts, "were almost sub-sacraments themselves, could work wonders, could transubstantiate any old thing by the side of a redclay road" ("Fingerprint of Style" 172-73).
In ironic counterpoint to Max's penchant for art's "transcendent nature" (185), Veronica's fatal depression weighs her body downward, in one metaphorically rich scene seeming actually to transubstantiate into stone too heavy for Max to lift.
At once the Master's face turned sad, and with a great sigh said to Peter: `Thanks for reminding me that even though I am Lord of Heaven and Earth, even though I can walk on water, calm a storm, raise the dead, turn water into wine and feed the multitudes, there is one thing even I cannot do; namely, transubstantiate a wafer into my flesh and blood, unless it contains at least 32.
And so I have come to understand that what interests me more than to debunk or ignore traditional forms, is to transubstantiate them.
Both refer to verbal operations that lift the sign (as the signifier/signified composite), and transubstantiate it in order to facilitate the poetic signification of dhvani.