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Why was it sensible for Americans to transubstantiate a convention into the virtual embodiment of the People?
Scruton finds in Gilbey, as he did in the Polish student, an invitation "to transubstantiate ourselves in thought, from appetite to will, and from flesh to spirit.
Specificity, British Constitution, passive-aggressive disorder, transubstantiate.
Indubitably Innovative Preliminary Proliferation Cinnamon Things that are very difficult to say when you're drunkSpecificity British Constitution Passive-aggressive disorder Loquacious Transubstantiate Things that are downright impossible to say when you're drunk Thanks, but I don't want to have sexNope, no more booze for me.
Mick Moloney's dissertation is supposed to transubstantiate into a book someday.
when one recalls that the indelible mark that the character imprints on the soul of the priest is no other than the power with which he is invested to transubstantiate bread and wine and to absolve, even if he happens himself personally to be unworthy by the loss of grace.
In seeking to distance his object, the dramatist understands that his art has to transubstantiate reality in order to represent it authentically.
It is here that sacrificial violence and religion meet; they spring from the same desire -- to transubstantiate ourselves from prey to predator, from the cringing underdog to the supreme being.
Heterotrophy demands the dissipation of considerable energy in the performance of the internal work necessary to transubstantiate energy and materials in the tissues of the consumed individual to those of the consumer (Brody 1945, Paloheimo and Dickie 1966).
That the PCC was understood by many as an artwork at all proved the point that a century on from Duchamp's invention of the readymade, artists no longer need rely on the art system's visible syntax to transubstantiate bits of life into art; as Andrea Fraser has argued, the institution of art lives immaterially in the heads of anyone who recognizes it.
In Bruce Ackerman's words, the Constitution "proliferat[es] the modes of representation governing normal politics" (240) because "no legal form can transubstantiate any political institution of normal politics into We the People of the United States.