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1), (3), (6) This chemical analysis helps to determine whether the fluid is an exudate or a transudate by applying the modified Light's criteria (Table 6).
Remember that necropsy evidences are hydropericardium, heart dilatation, muscles and intestine hyperemia, accumulation of transudate fluid contained fibrin in abdominal cavity and liver edematous.
The initial step of the investigation is the distinction between transudates and exudates, as this gives an indication of the pathophysiologic mechanisms, the differential diagnosis and the need for further investigations.
Pleural Effusions: The Diagnositc Separation of Transudates and Exudates.
4-11) The evaluation to differentiate between transudates and exudates usually follows Light criteria (12) (Fig.
7,8) Although other infectious diseases and conditions not ruled out may explain the pericardial transudate, because of the history of avocado ingestion and the clinical presentation with lethargy, respiratory distress, and severe pericardial effusion 48-72 hours after exposure, this case is most consistent with a toxin-associated hydropericardium.
Effusions caused by malignant neoplasms, including MMs, are exudates that arise from the increased permeability of capillaries and have higher protein concentration, specific gravity, and cellularity than transudate effusions.
True (A) or false (B)--click on the correct answer: oral mucosal transudate (OMT) is a salivary component from the capillaries of the gingival gum margin.
The first question to ask in assessing a patient with a pleural effusion is whether that effusion is a transudate or an exudate by using Light's criteria (1).
Studies consistently show that L1 VLPs induce high levels of serum-neutralising IgG that is presumed to transudate across the cervical epithelium in high enough concentration to bind to virus particles and prevent infection.
OraSure[R] (Orasure Technologies Inc, Bethlehem, PA) is a non-invasive device for oral mucosal transudate (OMT) specimen collection, preservation and transportation.
Name laboratory findings that aid in identifying a serous fluid as a transudate or exudate.