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Pleural fluid cholinesterase values > 2000 U/L are taken as exudates and those < 200 U/L are taken as transudate.
Therefore, the first step is to classify pleural effusions as transudates or exudates.
Transudates imply hydrostasis (eg, left ventricular failure, hypoalbuminemia) while exudates imply capillary permeability (eg, malignancy, parapneumonic effusion).
The serum-ascites albumin gradient (SAAG) is a reasonably reliable way to differentiate between transudate and exudate fluids (serum albumin minus the ascitic albumen level).
That is, to determine LDH-PF, the cutoff point to distinguish exudates from transudates was 325 U/L, which means >325 U/L indicates exudate and [less than or equal to]325 U/L indicates transudate.
19) Other imaging techniques such as ultrasound, CT and MRI may be helpful in localising effusions and distinguishing transudate from exudates.
Oral mucosal transudate (OMT) is obtained by swabbing the buccal mucosa and tongue.
mikurensis in transudate, spleen, kidney, and liver samples from the same animals was 37.
The causes of pleural effusions can be classified as either a transudate (Table 1) or an exudate (Table 2).
Pleural fluid examination revealed a transudate, with a protein content of 2.
Abnormal vaginal discharge was defined as '1' when a certain amount of abnormal discharge ([greater than or equal to] 5 ml) was observed and '0' if abnormal discharge was absent or only a small amount of transudate (lochia) was seen.
Urogenital atrophy due to low estrogen levels results in thinning of the epithelial lining, loss of elasticity, contraction of the introitus, and dryness due to decreased vascularity and transudate (Freedman, 2008).