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Testosterone transudation decreases because of hypophysis-gonad-hypothalamus axis activity reduction through negative feedback created Oxymetholone effect.
Clinically, urticaria is classified into acute (duration less than 6 weeks) and chronic (duration greater than 6 weeks) and may be caused by numerous factors both immunologic and non-immunologic, that result in vasodilatation and transudation of fluid from small coetaneous blood vessels.
Clitoral stimulation may induce local autonomic and somatic reflexes causing vaginal vasocongestion, engorgement and subsequent transudation, lubricating the introital canal making the sexual act easier, more comfortable and more pleasurable.
The term high-pressure pulmonary edema is used to describe cardiogenic pulmonary edema because the transudation of fluid into the air spaces of the lungs is caused by increased pulmonary capillary hydrostatic pressure secondary to elevated pulmonary venous pressure.
It also permits measurement of the rate of transudation of albumin across the capillaries.
Bronchorrhea in this situation might be secondary to increased transepithelial Cl secretion and/or excessive transudation of plasma products into the airway space (3), perhaps due to this proangiogenic and vasodilating factors.
1,2,6) Occlusion of the lateral sinus as a result of a nonseptic thrombus impairs venous drainage from the mastoid cells, resulting in venous congestion, interstitial edema, and transudation of fluid into the air spaces.
In terms of capillary plaque bleeding, bleeding and transudation into plaques from thin-walled new vessels originating from vasa vasorum, frequently found at the plaque base, could theoretically increase the intraplaque pressure with resultant cap rupture from the inside (15).
The system has passed the transudation and pressure resistance tests for water service appliances in accordance with JIS standards.