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The US transducer is placed on the middle of the back in the transverse plane and moved left, right, caudal, cephalad and tilted slightly until the acoustic shadow of spinous processes is viewed.
demonstrated that the Bodyblade[R] exhibited greater trunk and shoulder muscle activation, particularly in the transverse plane, than did the TheraBand[R]'s flex bars (Arora et al., 2013).
* On the transverse plane there should be no retreat or advancement of a buttock respect to the other or of a shoulder respect to the other (Bricot, 1996).
The tangential velocity vector in the transverse planes for the heat exchanger tube equipped with the V-wavy surface is presented as Figures 5(a) and 5(b), respectively, for V-Downstream and V-Upstream at Re = 600 and [alpha] = 30[degrees].
In general, a fixation block is made by extruding a rectangle of material from the transverse plane in the inferior direction.
For creating spinal deformities in which scoliosis predominates, an orthopedic scheme could involve heavy NT coil springs to modulate spinal growth in the coronal plane and medium or light NT coil springs to modulate spinal growth in the sagittal and transverse planes. Similarly, we can use springs that can impose larger forces to create kyphosis-based spinal deformities in the sagittal plane or rotation-based spinal deformities in the transverse plane.
However, the paramount importance of posteroanterior (PA) cephalometry should be stressed as it allows professionals to examine facial asymmetry in the transverse plane while allowing the clinical observation of an individual's face in frontal view (Leonardi, Annunziata, & Caltabiano, 2008; Ulkur, Ozdemir, Germec-Cakan, & Kaspar, 2016).
The diagnosis in orthodontics is mainly based on the morphological and quantitative description of craniofacial structures in the three planes of space, but greater attention has been given to the assessment of malocclusions in the sagittal and vertical dimensions, ignoring that the transverse plane is equally important to the final position of maxillary teeth and their coordinated function.
Active control stabilization of pelvic position in the transverse plane: an evaluation of soccer players' performance.
SI of hip joint moment in the transverse plane of neutral shoe walking showed a trend of lower than those found in barefoot walking (p = 0.072), while knee joint moment in transverse plane of walking in neutral shoe was significantly more symmetric than walking barefoot as regard to the SI value (p = 0.003).
The patient was held in supine position and the ultrasound probe was placed in a transverse plane between the lower costal margin and the iliac crest in the mid axillary line.
On the other hand, the exercises combined with PTA group showed a significant increase in the sagittal plane and transverse plane ROMs at three-month follow-up, while no significant improvement was observed in PTA alone group at three-month follow-up.

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