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A (Control): The transverse section of the small intestine (jejunum) of normal control rat showing the general architecture of a normal jejunum.
Transverse sections of non-hydrated seeds were used to describe the complete structure of seed coat.
Figure 6a and b present Raman spectra of a 20% Sunigum[R] blend in a transverse section at low (21 [s.
For instance, in the DaVinci drawing, if a transverse section is taken out, it can be rotated, and it can be extruded into a three-dimensional anatomically-positioned organ or body.
anticlinal walls linear; abaxial cells papillose in transverse section.
Macroscopic observations were made on the surface of this tablet in tangential section; samples were taken in transverse section at the location of earlier samples removed in 1933 (Lavachery 1934: 70).
Priority was given to transverse sections, and if the right sagitta was damaged during preparation, the left sagitta was used (n=8).
In transverse sections, each of the leaf and the leaflet can be divided into two areas: the basal area consists mainly of two types of large goblet cells, and the apical area that contains a mixture of supporting cells, sensory cells and four types of mucus-secreting cells.
Only a hand very practised at anatomical dissection could have cut such a uniform transverse section from human heart tissue, showing various veins and arteries of different cross-sections, and the endocardial membrane.
We chose our patients very carefully and documented that they had previously had a lower transverse section.
0] = i} is contained in a transverse section of diameter at most [element of], for i = 1,.

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