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A total number of 1,473 flies, 3,515 flies and 482 flies were trapped in HP, CeraTrap and Biolure respectively.
if we had trapped more unburned wooded habitats, our samples might have been large enough to show an effect of time of exposure in the field for white-footed deermice.
Given the design of the fish traps, our own observations of trapped fish, and the typical escapement rates reported in the literature, we believe that ghost fishing mortality rates of fish in the murejona traps are high and are caused by predation in the trap or are the result of injuries and starvation.
Furthermore, additional behavioral, ecological or genetic studies can be carried out on the trapped spiders if required.
Trapped air is a root cause of bubbles as well as blisters.
Among the items that the team has trapped are viruses and nanocrystals.
As the trapped neutrons beta decay, the resulting energetic electrons generate scintillations in the liquid He.
Animals were trapped in the Elan and Hazelles forests near the city of Charleville by using 100-m trap lines, each containing 34 non-baited small rodent INRA box traps (6) in the spring, summer, and autumn of 1997, 1998 (plus one session in December 1998), and 1999.
Better to say that the idea of the trapped animal that the works propose functions as bait for the mind.
The campaign is also a response to what is thought to be a government scheme to deceive Canadians and Europeans about leghold trap use and the pain caused to trapped animals.
Text and objects -- even a single text character -- that span multiple backgrounds are trapped to each background, so different parts of an object can be trapped differently and only the parts of an object that require trapping are affected.
You see, steam simply won't go where air is trapped.