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On trap count days, males trapped in the AlphaScents traps appeared to flap their wings less frequently than moths in conventional glue, as they appeared to be closely adhered to these sticky surfaces.
Check the flow path for backflow or trapped air in blind ribs.
A difference in the count rate versus time between trapping (trapped UCN + backgrounds) and non-trapping (backgrounds only) runs should arise solely due to magnetically trapped UCN.
Serum samples of blood from the trapped animals were withdrawn by cardiac puncture and evaluated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) on plaques directly coated with antigen from cells infected with PUUV or controls, lysed in triton-borate buffer, and then sonicated.
High steam pressure doesn't make the steam move faster, it just adds more pressure to the trapped air.
Each year in the Ministry of Natural Resources' Timmins administrative district, which is actually smaller than the municipal boundaries of the city, there are 1,800 to 2,000 beaver trapped, 200 to 250 mink, more than 1,000 marten and 400 to 500 fox.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--We trapped small mammals at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Sumner, Chartion County, Missouri.
Therefore, the inbounded pass is only trapped on the tight side by the "Point" and "Tight Wing.
These manipulations lay the groundwork for using trapped ions as data bits in computer chips, the developers of the new device say.
Afterwards one has to determine the number of trapped neutrons as a function of their storage time.
1 -- color) National Park Service scientists trapped Bobcat 84, above, at Malibu Creek State Park before fitting him with a radio collar and releasing him.