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Trashy had apparently been living on his farm for the past month, but had once again disappeared.
Trashy Treasures runs until June 22 at L'Atelier Fanfreluche.
But it's far more suited to the trashy pop charts of Europe than the UK.
With titles like that, it's a wonder the whole country isn't a fan of trashy blogs.
The company's handbags are far from trashy, as designers from all over Central and South America weave discarded food and drink wrappers into colorful and eye-catching products.
We were going to sing [Mame's] 'Bosom Buddies' instead, but then we thought it might be too trashy," jokes Racette.
On plenty of women, this rather revealing, slashed-to-the-waist dress would look trashy, but - matched with her beauty, blonde curls and hourglass figure - Katherine looks fantastic.
Though the main 1300 seat auditorium is an orthodox shoebox lined with timber panels, the shoebox has both ends removed to introduce vast vistas out over the city, and the timber is humble plywood, dignified with gold leaf applied in a rippling pattern that recalls a trashy animal print (very Joan Collins boudoir).
It's vulgar and trashy, but at least it's vulgar and trashy in a time-honoured tradition.
n IT OPENED its doors last week and was very busy so hop over to Kiny in the Church tonight at G Bar with with Jon Hooper playing the best in funky, trashy house from 10pm2am and admission is free.
People associated the word "Galaxy" with a trashy Vegas show, says Fugate, scarcely a description of this talented troupe.