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of Cases % Corneal Opacity 23 12.70 Blood Staining of Cornea 2 1.10 Adherent Leucoma 5 2.76 Traumatic Cataract 45 24.86 Choroidal Rupture 2 1.10 Vitreous Haemorrhage 19 10.42 Limbal Ischaemia 1 0.05 Retinal Detachment 3 1.65 Sec.
In the present study, favorable prognoses without any complications were achieved in all four traumatic cataract patients with posterior capsular rupture.
Lens subluxation, traumatic cataract, lens dislocation, vitreous hemorrhage, choroidal tear, retinal detachment, and traumatic optic neuropathy are the other manifestation of ocular trauma.
Traumatic cataract occurred in 8.27%, Vitreous haemorrhage was seen in 1.37% of our patients, RD was seen in 0.68%.
The most frequent finding was traumatic cataract. Final visual acuity of 33.3% of patients was below 3/60.
(a) Scleral tunnel removal of a traumatic cataract in globe rupture
Vitreous hemorrhage and retinal detachment was documented in one patient with Down syndrome at 13.5 months post cataract surgery for traumatic cataract.
Of which, 8 patients (66.67%) had closed globe injury, traumatic cataract and traumatic hyphema being common presentations.
Visual acuity at presentation was hand movement (HM) at 1 meter in affected eye with hyphema, traumatic cataract, iridodialysis and severe commotio retinae.
Background: The most common manifestation of ocular trauma is traumatic cataract, which remains a significant cause of visual impairment and physical disability in spite of diagnostic and therapeutic advances.
Ocular trauma is a major cause of visual loss worldwide.1 At least 30% of penetrating traumas present with traumatic cataract and it is actually the most common complication of penetrating ocular injury which results in loss of vision.
Ghassemi et al., "Evaluation of posterior lens capsule by 20-MHz ultrasound probe in traumatic cataract," American Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.

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