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1] In the present case as there was poor crown root ratio with uneven occlusion plane and traumatic occlusion.
1 These include neuromuscular traumatic injuries arising from dentures with or without balanced occlusion,2 traumatic injuries of oral mucosa resulting from traumatic occlusion of various kinds,3 mere presence and action of the dentures as a foreign body,4 poor oxidation and ventilation of oral mucosa covered by dentures,5 inadequate retention of the dentures,6 inadequate mucosal resistance caused by various systemic diseases,7 endocrinologic and neurological conditions,8 accumulation of infectious material on the undersurface of denture,9 chemicotoxic injuries to the oral mucosa caused by denture base material10 and poor nutrition.
This skeletal relationship was Angle's Class II Division 1 with traumatic occlusion.