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In patients with hemorrhagic and traumatic shock, RBC transfusion and emergency surgery tended to decrease mortality.
As the traumatic shock unsettles the victim's mind frame to the point where no experiential memory can be formed, trauma becomes what Cathy Caruth aptly describes as an experience in which forgetting is inherent (1995: 7); it therefore eludes cognitive control and engulfs the traumatised person in an eternal traumatic present to re-live their shock in uncontrollably repetitive nightmares and physical re-enactments.
As well, He would have bouts of vomiting, shortness of breath, and unsteadiness as hypovolemic and traumatic shock intensified.
At a choice of a method of treatment of victims with a polytrauma we were guided by gravity of a condition of patients, degree of a traumatic shock, hemorrhage volume, other disturbances of vital functions of an organism and age, and then treatment tactics was defined.
The mood of health care executives, and especially physician and nurse executives, approaches a kind of panic, a species of traumatic shock.
Secondborn's friends stood around, in similar states of post-camping traumatic shock.
Pathologist Dr Mark Lord said she died of traumatic shock.
Iliya Donev, head of forensic medicine at the hospital in Yambol, said: "The woman suffered massive blood loss and traumatic shock.
There were still remnants of post traumatic shock expressed on the 8.
Fujita died of traumatic shock and Nagaya died of brain injury, both believed to have stemmed from the crash, the police said.
It is far more difficult to assess levels of mental instability arising from post traumatic shock disorder - a condition which often tends to be dismissed by the defence establishment.
Is there a progressive shock absorber within the heel--Jallatte is becoming increasingly concerned that, as a result of a combination of the constant pounding that the feet are exposed to in the workplace and the provision over the years of protective footwear that has not provided adequate shock absorption, employees are suffering micro traumatic shock injuries, which, although in isolation are not enough to cause harm, accumulate over time to the point where the employee suffers a musculoskeletal injury.

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