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The vicarious traumatization/trauma impact on counselors category was separated into three subcategories: trauma supervision; vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue, or other impact; and posttraumatic growth.
Vicarious traumatization, spirituality, and the treatment of sexual abuse survivors: A national survey of women psychotherapists.
Additionally, one of the limitations of current cognitive approaches to trauma is their exclusive focus on appraisal as the core of the etiology of traumatization and the key to change (e.
Its singular focus on measuring STS, as opposed to looking at it in the context of vicarious traumatization, made it a more appropriate choice than some of the other instruments [7].
An intervention for reducing secondary traumatization and improving professional self-efficacy in well baby clinic nurses following war and terror: A random control group trial.
Clinicians would benefit from identifying and applying protective practices that mitigate the risks of indirect traumatization.
Patients with FM reported significantly higher levels of traumatization, somatoform dissociation, and alexithymia, as well as significantly more frequent traumatic experiences, than did RA patients.
Several popular, critically acclaimed novels have taken up the theme of government crimes, as well as those committed by Sendero, in a way that explicitly adopts the paradigm of traumatization on which the CVR partially depended.
He covers post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other principle disorders, special populations, and secondary traumatization.
Osteosynthesis of diaphyseal fractures with the rod apparatus for external fixation is an alternative method for the primary fixation of fractures in patients with multiple and isolated injuries, as this operation is not long and not accompanied by traumatization of the soft tissues (Haliman and Vinogradov, 2008).
Canfield J 2005 Secondary traumatization, burnout, and vicarious traumatization: A review of the literature as it relates to therapists who treat trauma Smith College Studies in Social Work 75 (2) 81-101