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Notably, the authors found that most of the clinicians described how intimate and empathic engagement with clients sustained them even in their trauma work; this was a surprise given that empathic engagement was understood to be a risk factor for vicarious traumatization rather than a protective practice.
Staff are educated about the signs and symptoms of burn-out, vicarious traumatization, and boundary violation.
Lucy's fears and trauma were brought into the open, allowing her parents to understand the repercussions of their actions, and thus preventing further traumatization.
Results also indicated that there was no significant relationship between greater number of child sexual trauma clients and vicarious traumatization.
Interview questions must avoid further traumatization and instead help the client recount their experiences "in a truthful, consistent, and detailed way .
Vicarious traumatization results from empathetic engagement with traumatic experiences.
Providing children with secondary traumatization with a positive and healthy home environment can alleviate many of the symptoms of the condition.
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