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Etty Cohen describes a psychoanalytic approach to treatment of multiply traumatized adolescents using a relational framework.
June 8: No-Talk Therapy for Traumatized, Reluctant Children and Adolescents; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; www.
As a researcher in the area of violence against women with disabilities, this reviewer cannot overstate the importance of understanding and learning about abuse issues due the phenomenal impact of this health, social, and criminal justice problem on individuals who have been victimized and traumatized at the early years of their lives.
A lovely feature of the book is the way that the voices of the women who have been traumatized buy childhood sexual abuse are loudly heard throughout.
In this way, traumatized people can easily be frozen in the past and not present to this moment's reality, reactive to past ghosts and unresponsive to present opportunities.
Having lost not only their homes and their livelihoods but also their families, many of the survivors are deeply traumatized.
Indeed, Sabine Behrenbeck observes that "the Germans were traumatized less by war than by the postwar privations" (40).
The ineffective clean up that leaves many animals more traumatized than the oil spill, and the deaths of animals for research with dubious benefits, is described with the passion of an animal and environmental advocate and the research acumen of a journalist.
The teachers felt overwhelmed and traumatized themselves as survivors, not to mention the presence of children who had killed and terrorized.
The camp begins with a three-day training program for all the volunteers and teens to bond, become a team, and form the sense of community necessary to work with, nurture, and heal this diverse group of traumatized children.
The 250 chapters of Project Linus - a nonprofit organization named for the blanket-toting ``Peanuts'' cartoon character that places security blankets for terminally ill or traumatized children - have been accepting new, handmade, washable blankets to give to youngsters in New York and Washington.
The group claims a 12-year-old boy was traumatized by hardcore pornography that he discovered with a library computer.