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BUREAU. A French word, which literally means a large writing table. It is used figuratively for the place where business is transacted: it has been borrowed by us, and used in nearly the same sense; as, the bureau of the secretary of state. Vide Merl. Repert. h. t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The MoU between ADCB-IBD and Omeir Travel Agency will enable customers to access a travel finance facility, whilst booking their trip through a leading travel service provider.
The travel agency's office was closed Thursday and could not be reached for comment.
The break in allegedly took place on the night of March 28 through the bathroom window of the travel agency from the stair well of the building.
The travel agency set the 4,800 yen fare in reference to AKB48, a popular Japanese girl group that it has selected for its advertising.
Antoine Medawar, vice president, Amadeus Mena, said: "The new service can be tailored to suit every travel agency's needs and provides added convenience to travellers.
The influence of Romanian's EU membership on the sales volume of the travel agency Strong 50,00% Very strong 18,20% Weak 9,10% Very Weak 13,60% No influence 9,10% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Ticket Travel Group, headquartered in Nacka, Sweden, is said to be the largest travel agency for both private and business travel in Sweden and the largest private travel agency in Norway.
CWT is active in the provision of business travel agency services within the European Economic Area (EEA) and, to a lesser degree, leisure travel agency services in Belgium and France.
GTA has secured rooms in all cities where matches are being played, allowing fans to book via their Galileo-equipped travel agency. As well as host cities, agents also have access to a large number of rooms in nearby centers close to stadiums where the teams are playing.
After college, she worked at a travel agency. She ambitiously wrote to the president of the company, who was based in New York, to allow her to work at the headquarters.
Journeys by Ambassadors, a travel agency with headquarters in Eugene, has acquired Legacy World Travel in Bend.
CAN a travel agency be considered a financial institution, and if so how vulnerable is it to money laundering?