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in English law, aiding and abetting is the helping in some way of the principal offender. It is in itself a crime but depends upon some earlier communication between the parties. See, for Scotland, ART AND PART.
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A report on electronic travel aid users: Three to five years later.
Electronic travel aids and electronic orientation aids for blind people: Technical, rehabilitation and everyday life points of view.
In so doing, we consulted PubMed/MedLine, Embase, PsycINFO, and INSPEC/IEEE using combinations of the following terms and medical subject headings: electronic travel aids, electronic mobility aids, electronic orientation aids, orientation, mobility, assistive technology, blindness, low vision, visually impaired persons, and self-help devices.
Travel aids for individuals with low-vision blindness or dual sensory impairments include long white canes, electronic image sensors which provide information through vibration and telescopic aids for reading signs or spotting other landmarks.
With the Streetwise titles joining Michelin's collection, it offers travelers comprehensive and accurate travel aids. The company said it will continue to publish maps under the Streetwise name.
The chapter on orientation devices introduces developments in GPS systems and other digital aids, but the chapter on electronic travel aids develops this topic further, providing sample lesson sequencing for instruction with advanced devices.
Abstract: This study evaluated a protocol that was developed to assess how beneficial electronic travel aids are for persons who are visually impaired.
Electronic travel aids increase opportunities for independent wayfinding by providing information about the user's current location and with navigational instructions regarding the route to a destination.

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