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with medication; see "Traveling with Medication,"
Debby Fireman, a spokeswoman for HTH Worldwide in Radnor, Pa., said, "If someone develops SARS while traveling, they are definitely covered, but if they have already booked a trip and then cancel it because of the potential of getting sick, it's nonrefundable and not affected by State Department alerts or other similar alerts."
Blues Traveling: The Holy Sites of Delta Blues by Steve Cheseborough is a jewel of a book.
In 1905, Einstein's special theory of relativity implied we could leap into the future by traveling at or near the speed of light.
The trip was organized by a Los Angeles-based public relations firm, employed by a deluxe hotel chain to introduce the traveling public to its fancy new properties.
We find the rigid, hollow fiberglass cane to be the most versatile tool for overall use in traveling. This lightweight, flexible cane arcs easily when held loosely in the hand, causing minimal fatigue to the wrist and fingers.
However, Congress felt that merely accompanying or being related to a traveling employee should not convert otherwise nondeductible personal expenses into deductible business expenses.
The electronic organizer, or note pad, is another innovation often found in the traveling communicator's bag of tricks.
Meanwhile, travelers looking for literary stays can review a list of recommended hotel reading spots with the recommended books to go with them in an unusual story addressing the romance of reading while traveling. Travel-Intel is written by experienced journalists who travel the world to bring back the latest updates in travel.
My partner will not be traveling with me, and I need to find a policy that will consider her parents my "in-laws."
For all the ways you travel, and for all the places you go, Marriott provides you a world of possibilities, whether you are traveling on a business trip, vacation, a quick getaway, or planning a meeting.
After that incident, I promised myself that technology would never be a barrier to getting the job done while traveling."