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With the traveling men when she walked about with them, and later with Tom Willard, it was quite different.
I spent the remainder of my youth in traveling, in visiting courts and armies, in holding intercourse with men of different dispositions and ranks, in collecting varied experience, in proving myself in the different situations into which fortune threw me, and, above all, in making such reflection on the matter of my experience as to secure my improvement.
I imagined all kinds of situations in which I might find this Comtesse de Montpersan, or, to observe the laws of romance, this Juliette, so passionately beloved of my traveling companion.
Babcock's tender conscience seemed to him a capital farce, and his traveling back to Milan only to get into a deeper muddle appeared, as the reward of his pedantry, exquisitely and ludicrously just.
Once more he arose and went forward, but after traveling a couple of miles he was fain to give the matter up, so, coming to an inn just then, he entered and calling the landlord, bade him show him to a room, although the sun was only then just sinking in the western sky.
For some distance Ghak remained with the stream that was traveling toward the lake, but finally, at the bottom of a little gully he halted, and there we remained until all had passed and we were alone.
Three miles an hour was the best they could make, but Daylight celebrated the passing of the Fifty Mile by traveling late.
Let me take your ticket and see your luggage labeled: I only ask leave to be your traveling servant.
My traveling companion looks at me resignedly, with an expression of mild reproach.
TWO MEN were traveling together, when a Bear suddenly met them on their path.
There may be powers that are not malignant traveling this accursed road.