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As this trail afforded more commodious travelling, they immediately struck into it, and followed it for two days.
"Travelling would be agreeable enough," said he groaning, "if one only had no body, or could send it to rest while the spirit went on its pilgrimage unhindered, whither the voice within might call it.
We set out with very good advantage as to finding the way; for we got leave to travel in the retinue of one of their mandarins, a kind of viceroy or principal magistrate in the province where they reside, and who take great state upon them, travelling with great attendance, and great homage from the people, who are sometimes greatly impoverished by them, being obliged to furnish provisions for them and all their attendants in their journeys.
Once each day, when not travelling on the interminable trains, he gave Michael a thorough bath and thoroughly dried him afterward.