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Meanwhile if both replanned composite geodesics are safe and traversable, we propose choosing the one which is farther or has a larger minimum clearance from the obstacle and if possible passes through a terrain with less difference in curvatures, yielding a safe path passing through a flat terrain with larger clearance from obstacle at the price of longer length.
The traversable, 72-barrel, trainable stabilised launcher with reduced radar cross-section allows for very fast and accurate decoy deployment, even during violent evasive manoeuvres.
According to the Federal Highway Administration, a clear zone is an "unobstructed, traversable roadside area that allows a driver to stop safely, or regain control of a vehicle that has left the roadway.
Typological and iconographic comparisons of Mary to a traversable portal suggest her role as Ecclesia, the figure of the welcoming Church, whose door never closes.
For an organism like a giraffe--too large to walk on its surface and unable to swim--a sufficiently large body of water defines the boundary of a traversable space.
Space here is "actionable" only to a limited degree, and not traversable in depth: the user cannot walk down the street from the Mayor's Office to the Homeless Neighborhood, but clicks a button and is taken there.
We are being gravely damaged in our ability to conduct the harvest', explained the committee's president, 'due to the lack of an easily traversable route'.
To flatten the angle and make it traversable, the south platform crew installed another 300 feet of 12-inch casing.
Unveiled for a fall 2013 dealer meeting, the DB 200 is the Largest rubber-tired, double-beam, fully traversable gantry crane the manufacturer has ever built: More than 54 feet tall, more than 68 feet wide and just under 44 feet Long, it can handle Loads that are up to 400,000 Lb.
5) Given Braudellian assumptions about an unchanged maritime environment--in this case, the Straits as a centuries-old traversable sea lane--the implication was that the continually evolving navigational knowledge, shipping technology and naval capability of these indigeneous littoral states directly affected the trajectory of regional geopolitics.
The cartographer reduces the distance between the lake region in the north and the Gulf coast in the South and conceals obstacles in the topography, distorting the terrain into an easily traversable commercial paradise.
The refugees' plight is complicated by the fact that China, the only country with which North Korea has a traversable land border, has a history of alliance with North Korea, dating back to 1950.