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Tenders are invited for Supply of hydraulic jack bottle type with integral pumping unit threaded ram with safety locknut fitted with traversing base and operating handles shall have the following :- 1 capacity - 10 tons.
Keep manually traversing until the entire board is clean.
AE-SA single axis, servo-driven traversing robot features a-c brushless servo motor drive on the traverse axis, which is accurate to within [+ or -] 0.
These raster-based techniques assume that the costs of traversing each raster cell within the area of interest are known.
Modifications include using a mechanical advantage pulley system that lifts wheelchair participants in full body harnesses and allows them to swing across to the landing using a swinging or traversing platform, a rope chat, or using a rope with a rubber stabilizer in the bottom of a loop to hold the loop open and provide for easier foot removal.
the leader in programmable deep packet inspection platforms for security, VoIP, and traffic management applications, today announced a new traffic analysis service designed to help service providers understand and manage all VoIP traffic traversing their networks.
A new automation system from HYRobotics uses pneumatic tubing to blow thin-walled inserts from a feeder bowl onto a fixture, from which the inserts are picked up by a traversing robot and delivered to the mold.
AE-SA single axis, serve-driven traversing robot features a-c brushless serve motor drive on the traverse axis, which is accurate to within [+ or -] 0.
Ridgeway is the only company focused exclusively on enabling and empowering end-to-end, any-to-any IP video and IP voice communications, by SECURELY traversing the multiple, private and public boundaries of the global internet and any infinite number of network firewalls and NATs.
Robots "stole the show" at both Interplas '81 in Birmingham, England, and NPE 1982, with a great variety of traversing and jointed-arm models.
Black Clawson developed a motorized mechanical wrench on a traversing rail for automatic die-bolt adjustment in 1962.