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The characters are displayed as travesty of what they aim to establish.
I agree that the resultant media circus was a travesty but I don't think the students are right to heap opprobrium on all politicians for believing in one of Western civilzation's defining virtues.
Seeking Salvation A History of the Black Church in Canada Travesty Productions Directed by Phillip Daniels Starring Tonya Lee Williams, Maurice Dean Wint
It was judicial activism that initially altered the Constitution from a document describing an island of government power in a sea of individual rights to the travesty, our Courts pretend exists today: a sea of government power surrounding a shrinking island of enumerated individual rights.
A 17-year sentence handed down to three republicans in Colombia last week was 'a travesty of justice of international proportions', Sinn Fein campaigners said last night.
Boro did very little running off the ball, so all their best work was done at the back, though it would have been a travesty if Chelsea had failed to win this one-sided clash.
The latest example of this was her condescending view that the travesty of the Green convention was a "growing pain.
If that brought an end to his career it would be a travesty.
With such fundamental questions, put to the art industry, Jankowski reflects on his own praxis, in which serious inquiry is indistinguishable from travesty.
Is it not the summum of travesty to create a "rich Institute,"
The pathetic travesty of corporate bigwigs fattening themselves at the company trough needs no further elaboration here.
They were bound for Birmingham in search of work, but instead met with arrests and a travesty of a trial that has become synonymous with racial injustice.