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Eventually the musicians decided to turn these origins and personal journeys in to one whole, and at Celtic Connections 2009, the Treacherous Orchestra was born.
We expect you to exert more effort to defeat this treacherous operation targeting Turkey by telling our partners the truth," Erdogan told the conference of ambassadors in the capital Ankara.
He slammed in the strongest terms possible "this terrorist, coward and treacherous act, which contradicts all religious values and humanitarian principles.
In his note, President Hadi pointed out that the perpetrators of that crime do not represent Yemen and could not be linked to Islam or human morals, but they are rather treacherous human monsters who are against the tolerant Islam.
TREACHEROUS Conditions are difficult on the Nevis range
But the question is: Does Hizbullah's treacherous statement negate the facts of Iran's flagrant interference in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen and other spots where there is room for infiltration, sabotage, inciting strife and undermining national unity?
April 16, 1995: Two boys, dressed in shorts and T-shirts, plucked from the foot of Huntcliff in a rescue which saw the boat's engines stopped and lifted clear of the sea in case they snagged on rocks in treacherous seas.
MAKING A SPLASH A police car drives along the flooded Promenade in Whitley Bay as heavy downpours led to treacherous conditions.
1 : not safe because of hidden dangers a treacherous place for boats <This was a treacherous road at night .
Perched atop his one-wheeled cycle, Kris Holm zigzags across the treacherous terrain of Mount Seymour in Vancouver, Canada.
It takes a treacherous situation to act as a catalyst that ultimately helps Elsie, who is desperately trying to make sense of the big picture.
It was in the dark as well, which didn't help, and it was treacherous underfoot.