treacherous killing

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Certainly, a treacherous killing was not what he deserved!
Mr Evans mentioned that, according to the Nazis, only sneaky or treacherous killing was considered as murder.
33) Treacherous killing often includes some form of deceiving the victim, such as using a false protected status or a bounty.
45) The fear of treacherous killing seems to have emerged from a general desire to protect sovereigns and generals from unpredictable and dishonorable attacks.
Even though acts of terror, like acts of piracy, lack honor and valor, the West cannot permit the use of treacherous killing in response.
He added: "This was a dreadful and treacherous killing.
But no other event since the Duterte administration came to power has dealt a greater blow to the credibility of the police in the war on drugs than the treacherous killing last Sunday of anticrime crusader Zenaida Luz in Oriental Mindoro.
Exodus 2:14) We, the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP), condemn the treacherous killing of members of the family of a B'laan leader who is opposed to the operations of Sagittarius Mines Inc.