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Five years later, when the USSR was created at the end of a treacherously bloody civil war, the situation was reversednot, as the Hebrew cliche has it, out of the love of Mordecai, but out of hatred of Haman.
My uncle Mohamed Abdel-Rahman was killed treacherously at the hands of the Janjaweed near Tawila after he refused to leave his sheep," he added.
The McKenzie River - already treacherously fast and obstacle-strewn in many places - will become even more hazardous as state and federal officials release extra amounts of water from Cougar and Blue River lakes in order to make dam repairs.
The situation has caused disquiet among senior Tories, many of whom regard Mr Reckless as having acted treacherously when as an MP he defected from the Conservatives to Ukip immediately before the Tory conference in 2014 in a move designed to cause the party maximum embarrassment.
The painful Christmas with my mother gone-and my sister Chona gone too, having been treacherously shot.
This was made treacherously slippy by the fast falling snow and took a real team effort to carry the stretcher to the road where the ambulance was waiting.
The Head of State thanked the Ukrainian military for patriotism, professionalism and expressed confidence that united Ukrainians would be able to defeat any enemy, stop the aggression of Russia, which had treacherously attacked Ukraine, annexed Crimea and invaded the eastern territories of Ukraine.
Even the fact that very heavy rain left the track treacherously damp didn't seem to alarm it much, though it certainly alarmed me.
He manages to navigate the boat through the treacherously choppy waves but loses his compass in the process.
It is a common nature of the people who always declared himself weak and thus it is easy for the politician to attack on the rights of people first and then to minimize the power of freedom of expression treacherously.
The Drovers had beaten Cardiff 40-0 in the Premiership back in November but this try-less cup game proved a very tight affair in the treacherously heavy underfoot conditions.