treasonable activities

See: disloyalty
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At the same time, the pro-Salazar press published entire pages of cables, letters and statements by individual and corporate supporters of the regime in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, violently accusing progressive intellectuals of treasonable activities and demanding that even sterner measures should be taken to ensure that they abide by the regime's 'Portugal Uber Alles' edict.
With William Reuben as his co-plaintiff and the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee footing the bill, he won the release under the Freedom of Information Act of some 200,000 documents, as well as copies of the microfilms that Nixon had held up on national television in 1948 and said documented "the most serious series of treasonable activities which has been launched against the government in the history of America.
Essex's apparent suicide, which was introduced in Russell's trial, helped convince the jury that Russell was, indeed, guilty of treasonable activities connected with the Rye House plot.
A civilian was convicted of fomenting insurrection and other treasonable activities by a military commission sitting at Indianapolis in 1864.
Having punished the conspirators, Henry IV grew uneasy at the prospect of other treasonable activities, for while Richard lived there was always danger that he might be restored to power.