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the government department responsible for the administration of the nation's finances. Certain transactions (e.g. especially those involving non-resident companies controlled by UK residents) require Treasury consent before they can be lawfully effected.
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TREASURY. The place where treasure is kept the office of a treasurer. The term is more usually applied to the public than to a private treasury. Vide Department of the Treasury o the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The National Library will host an exhibition - "Til kazynasy - kitep" ("Book - a treasure house of language") to mark World Book and Copyright Day and Kyrgyz book Day on April 23.
"A selection of tapestries of such scope and quality is unprecedented," said Bernard Schotter, the administrator general of the Mobilier National, the French government's treasure house of furniture and furnishings.
It is a treasure house of B-complex vitamins, which are essential for the functioning of your metabolism.
But his victory wave proved spot on as he triumphed by a head from Treasure House with Carlton House third.
But the jockey's victory wave proved spot on - by a head from Treasure House with Carlton House just behind in third.
Dazu is a treasure house of Chinese art history as well as a fascinating insight into Chinese daily life.
The decorative armour and hand-crafted steel swords synonymous with the Japanese guardians of Royalty and nobility were used in yesterday's demonstration at the Treasure House Theatre, where visitors had the chance to learn about the culture and traditions of one of history's most feared fighting forces - whose complex suits of armour could take up to a year to make.
Hasaka, (SANA) -- More than 1000 archeological sites dating back to the Stone Age, Acadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Byzantine and Islamic periods have been excavated in Hasaka Province that shed light on the great history of the eastern region of Syria as a treasure house of ancient civilizations lived there.
He said that there is an urgent need to collect and collate this treasure house of information about her life before it is misplaced and damaged by the vagaries of time.
Already part- operationalised and running smoothly, this project is proving to be a treasure house for all those who are keen to understand the functioning of the Indian democracy.
It said surveys by local and international groups of the heavily mined but almost completely untouched DMZ have shown it to be an ecological treasure house, with at least 70 different kinds of rare species of fauna and flora completely protected from human harassment.
It is an architectural treasure house renowned for it's collection of Chippendale and Robert Adam architecture.

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