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noun accumulation, bank, cache, capital, central money office, coffer, deposit, depository, depot, exchequer, fund, place of deposit, purse, receptacle, repertory, repository, reservatory, reserve, reserve fund, safe, store, storehouse, strongbox, thesaurus, till, treasure house, vault
See also: arsenal, collection, depository, repository, selection, store


the government department responsible for the administration of the nation's finances. Certain transactions (e.g. especially those involving non-resident companies controlled by UK residents) require Treasury consent before they can be lawfully effected.

TREASURY. The place where treasure is kept the office of a treasurer. The term is more usually applied to the public than to a private treasury. Vide Department of the Treasury o the United States.

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The State Treasury also successfully implemented the Treasury and Budget Management Information System (TABMIS) project; developing IT application systems with a focus, online and integration with TABMIS system; investment in infrastructure development, IT application and staff working in IT.
Outstanding Treasury bonds fell to P4.31 trillion from P4.35 trillion a month ago.
Based on feedback from group treasurers at commodity-intensive corporations, Openlink and Strategic Treasurer jointly developed a return-on-investment (ROI) calculator tool for treasury and risk management.
Still, in many organizations, treasury maintains its own set of security policies that are neither aligned with, nor managed by, IT.
On average, Treasury yields have been higher by 8 basis points, according to the research reported in The U.S.
EAG won the award for Best in Class Treasury in the Middle East, and was Highly Commended in three further categories -- Best Funding Solution, Best Risk Management Solution and Best Trade/Supply Chain Finance Solution.
The finance department in the National Assembly acts as a central co-ordinating and accounting department where it distributes the money received from the Treasury.
Treasury officials announced on Friday night their plans to reduce its holdings of AIG stock in a public underwriting that would begin Monday.
Some banks believe there is no direct connection between the treasury bills and the banks' credit activity.
The Treasury sold net 1.7 billion USD (1.09 billion USD) of Treasury bills in a 182-day reference Treasury bill auction.
* Whatever your allocation to bonds, consider putting roughly 40 percent of that into conventional Treasury bonds, recommends Philips.
Survey results are separated into five main categories: The Financial Crisis, Bank Relationship Management, Bank Fee Management, Treasury Technology and Treasury Staffing.