treat ill

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The life-saving machine provides the capability to diagnose and treat patients based on personalised care with the chance to diagnose and treat ill health before symptoms have progressed and therefore mitigating the chance for negative outcomes.
A second group will leave for the Kingdom on September 1st, he said, adding that by September 3rd, the medical team would be fully ready to admit and treat ill pilgrims.
We would better support GPs with the tools they need to prevent and treat ill health.
We also reported that little Cory Davison put aside his own troubles to treat ill youngsters to a Christmas Day treat.
It is believed that these unqualified doctors were allowed to treat ill patients as well as administer medication and injections.
He said around 3,000 health officials, including medics and paramedics, have been deployed to treat ill pilgrims.
Doctors in the hospitals have reported that they're not sure how to treat ill workers because they don't know the exact nature of the chemical brew to which they were exposed.
I normally treat ill people so it was amazing to help bring a new life into the world.
Newcastle's Biomedical Research Centre ( a collaboration between Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust and Newcastle University ( will share in a pounds 468m pot to help drive the development and testing of new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat ill health.
If they were in the UK they would survive, but Afghanistan is short of almost everything needed to treat ill children.
The centre hosts a play area for youngster's birthday parties and functions and uses the revenue and facilities to treat ill and disabled children with conditions such as motor neurone disease and cerebral palsy.