treat with contempt

See: disdain, flout, mock
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So it's the Tories rather than Jean-Claude Junker or Donald Tusk who treat with contempt the grafters on the Clyde, Tyne and Mersey.
It is good to see the voters become aware of their rights and treat with contempt the aspiring parliamentarians who visit their supposed future constituencies and solicit votes, only to forget, ignore and exploit them for the next five years.
They treat with contempt the people of this land who voted out.
'Reluctant(ly), adj, (adv): spineless, gutless, morally bankrupt, insensitive, disposition to treat with contempt.' Wait a minute!
Just another thought, who is to be responsible for licensing fox-hounds and who will pay for the muzzles for them, the suggestion of ID cards I treat with contempt it deserves.
ANTI-SOCIAL Behaviour Orders - do they work or are they just an ineffectual slap on the wrist which offenders treat with contempt? The jury, you might say, is still out on this.
William Bibb, "no man should be permitted to usurp the whole powers of the whole government and to treat with contempt all authority except that of his own will.
But to do so would be to treat with contempt a public fed up with arrogant politicians.
But to do so would be to treat with contempt a British public fed up with arrogant politicians.
How many more of them must die while the politicians weep crocodile tears and treat with contempt the genuine concerns and anger of their relatives?
He said: "We treat with contempt the notion of the so-called soft drug.