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Then chances are good that if you buy and run one full furnace and contract for the fractional furnace with a commercial heat treater, you will do well.
Limited contact with the patient, poor communication between treaters, and the inflexibility of the sys tem can make a lawsuit difficult to defend.
Builders were also told to consult their attorneys to keep their claims against treaters and manufacturers alive.
The treater offers low gas consumption, eliminates electrode breakage and automatically adjusts treatment air gap.
Also showing a square box-style Sherman Corona Treater, which Pillar now manufactures.
With Air Treat, operators can set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and receive on-screen feedback on current segment position.
Ultraviolet (UV) Visible Spectrophotometer, Electroporator, Vacuum Concentrator, UV/VIS and Fluorescence Spectrometer with Microcuvette, Vortex Mixer for tubes and plates, Pre-cleaner and accessories, Seed Grader and accessories, Specific Gravity Separator and accessories, Seed Treater and accessories, Electronic Weighing Balance, Spiral Separator, Mini Seed Treater, Digital Soil Moisture Meter, Installation of N-Computing In Library, Work Station, Nitrogen Generator 140 Ltr, CRM Standard for Pesticide.
A new 3D air plasma surface treater is said to deliver up to 200% more surface activation than comparable systems.
2] corona treater, you see not only high definition corona, but you generate 40 percent more power without additional kilowatts.