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In addition, the corporation and the trust that had made the QSST election were required to file amended returns consistent with treating the trust as a QSST.
InSightec-sponsored researchers have begun a trial of HIFU in treating breast tumors and surrounding breast tissue in 200 women in Germany and Japan.
Medics were treating her by stripping off her clothing and pouring liquids all over her.
Be forewarned that not all study protocols are directly comparable: some look at treating patients during acute disease (symptomatic PHI, i.
Finally, the taxpayer must have had some reasonable basis for treating the individual as a nonemployee.
Thiemann of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, lead author of the recent NEJM study, and his colleagues defined high-volume hospitals as those treating at least 4.
Historically, heat treating services have been viewed by foundrymen as a necessary evil, needed to correct mistake castings or because of customer specifications.
Although it is impossible to make any universal assertions about which approach is more beneficial, in many cases the cost savings from reducing the number of actuarial calculations (and waiting until most factors needed to make these calculations are known) will outweigh the benefits of treating amounts as subject to FICA taxes as of an early inclusion date.
Coronas were first used to help ink stick to thin film, known as web treating, then expanded to three-dimensional surface treating of small round items like bottles or syringes.