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These recognitions underscores our promise to deliver game-changing systems in the water treatment sector by partnering with key players to introduce technologies that propel the UAE as a leader in the industry," Awad concluded.
The Chinese representatives said their companies had a great interest in investing in the wastewater treatment sector in Pakistan.
Lee Lei who told that their companies have great interest in investing in waste water treatment sector. They told that their companies working successfully in 46 countries while they are actively involved from the last 2 years in Karachi including Qasim Plan.
This was the second time the SEA Awards have been held jointly with the CHTA, and we were happy to see so many attendees from all areas of the surface engineering and heat treatment sector.
The overall market is set to witness significant growth because of the growing demand for accurate and precise dosing from chemical, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries, along with increasing investments in the water & wastewater treatment sector. Increasing implementation of smart dosing technology coupled with refining capacity additions in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East are the major opportunities for the hydraulic dosing pump market.
On the second day of the expo, discussions will revolve around Doha Metro Project, mainline freight and passenger networks, the role of innovative technologies in reducing congestion around Qatar's transport networks, as well as key innovations in the water and wastewater treatment sector. The third day of the conference will focus on Qatar's national health strategy as well as the innovative trends in constructing healthcare facilities.
The participation of Qatar in this exhibition, which was held during from April 22 to 27, is of particular importance, based on its keenness to develop the waste treatment sector and to know what has been achieved in this field and how to apply it in the country.
The Russian companies working in water treatment sector will also meet with officials of departments in Pakistan.
'With the launch of these products the water treatment sector in East Africa now has direct access to this powerful but cost-effective and viable water treatment technology,' Holi said.
Referring to the role of nurses in treatment sector, he stressed the need for imparting them training and higher degrees at the BSMMU.
In a Focus on Industry and Markets piece, Andrew Gross and Emily Park describe the water and wastewater treatment sector. As human populations and incomes increase, the demand for pure water grows.
Gauld says that BMT is now something of a one-stop shop, able to carry out tailored, turnkey projects as well as providing detailed technical support throughout the surface treatment sector, to address environmental or health and safety concerns at the early stages of any project.

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