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TREBUCKET. The name of an engine of punishment, said to be synonymous with tumbrel. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dr Chris Caple, former associate professor of archaeology at Durham University, said trebuchets were "not easily constructed".
Warwick Castle is looking for someone to help bring history to life as part of its attractions and shows department and the trebuchet, which can fire giant objects over huge distances catapultstyle, is one of its most popular attractions.
To operate the trebuchet, the long end of the beam was hauled down with a windlass, raising the counterweight.
Pitch up to Princess Felice's Tent in the new Knight's Village at Warwick Castle, while the boys can watch the Trebuchet siege machine in action or try their hand at archery.
2014 Trebuchet Red (PS5.99 instead of PS7.99 until March 14 at Majestic)
The pupils worked well together on all of the tasks and reached the quarter finals; in a tense but exciting atmosphere they successfully built a Midget Gem-throwing trebuchet, a rocket, a racing car, a paper bridge and a wind turbine.
A highlight during the day will be a Trebuchet, a giant medieval catapult, lovingly flinging wine barrels, a piano and a car through the air in full view of the spectators
In 2002 at Somerset's Middlemoor Water Park, the trebuchet ride, modelled on the medieval war weapon, flung patrons from it to a safety sling.
First off, it's the trebuchet, a gigantic wooden catapult, and the nuclear deterrent of its age.
They used a device called a trebuchet, which is modeled after a medieval catapult.
Among the entrants, the Eugene Hash House Harriers - who bill themselves as a running club with a drinking problem - had the day's most surprising entry: a human-powered trebuchet, with a team member riding as the living counterweight on the throwing arm.
However, Paul Mason has taken it to the extreme by constructing a 'trebuchet' - a gigantic mechanical catapult of the kind used to lay siege to castles in the Middle Ages.