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TREBUCKET. The name of an engine of punishment, said to be synonymous with tumbrel. (q.v.)

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Warwick Castle is looking for someone to help bring history to life as part of its attractions and shows department and the trebuchet, which can fire giant objects over huge distances catapultstyle, is one of its most popular attractions.
To operate the trebuchet, the long end of the beam was hauled down with a windlass, raising the counterweight.
A team from FertiLab Shop, a west Eugene manufacturing facility, brought a heavy-duty approach: a bike-powered, steel framework trebuchet built around an old printer's wheel.
The trebuchet threw the winning pumpkin about 300 feet into a field, according to Ken Angeliu, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering.
As the trebuchet is quite a size, when we were getting the pieces of it together, there were four of us big strong lads and we couldn't lift it in place.
Baserock Embedded Linux software has four primary components that include: Trove, an integrated source code control system that combines a Git-based repository and a service that converts upstream source to Git and synchronising upstream changes into the Baserock hosted repositories; Mason, a continuous integration and delivery service; Morph, a build system and workflow tool; and Trebuchet, a toolset for preparing and efficiently deploying system upgrades to devices.
JOUSTING, archery and the medieval sport of trebuchet are among the activities which will feature when history is being brought back to life this weekend.
Summer highlights include the firing of Britain's biggest trebuchet - a giant war catapult - and the horseback heroics of jousting knights by the River Avon.
Trebuchet discovered by Federales catapulting pot into Arizona
The machine Brielle's team has used most often over the years is a trebuchet (treb-yoo-SHAY), which uses a falling mass to throw an object (see Nuts & Bolts, below).
With fantastic events like the breathtaking birds of prey, jousting and the world's largest trebuchet siege engine in action, it's not one to miss.
On 10 March 2008, the Engineering and Technology, Board (ETB) and the Smallpeice Trust challenged young people from five different schools across the capital to a Trebuchet Challenge in the Houses of Parliament as part of National Science and Engineering Week 2008.