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In his prior work, Kerouac managed partial representations of "rushing tremendousness"; in Visions of Cody, he recasts writing's relationship to speaking and language and uses writing to perform "rushing tremendousness.
I think the new name is a hysterical backtracking into dim history, a sentimental mantra spoken in the piety of void, and a backward gazing dream unhinged from today's tremendousness of Bombay.
His reductive analysis would have seemed too paltry to justify the tremendousness of expelling from pictorial space the whole familiar world of human life and form and history, and unlearning, so to speak, the skills of drawing and painting.
Faced with this tremendousness, the habitual combinations of perception break down, and the poet, no longer conscious of modality, experiences "an unusually intense and vivid apprehension of life" (S, "On Life," 477):
But I mean that the whole thing is built to scale; the doctrine of the Atonement, for instance derives its force from the tremendousness of the issues involved; and the power of the keys becomes meaningless, or at least alters its meaning, if we are to suppose it is impossible for a soul to put itself, even temporarily, outside the covenant of God's mercy.