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In November 2004 while training on Dartmoor he got trench foot - a painful injury which damages nerves in the legs and feet, caused by cold and insanitary conditions.
Trench foot is a foot disease caused by long exposure to cold, wet and unsanitary conditions.
Symptoms of trench foot include redness, swelling, numbness, blisters, and breaks in the skin.
IT is ludicrously weather-dependent, as anyone who was there on Saturday or Sunday will testify if they have got over the trench foot yet, but going to the Open is a unique and very special way to view top-class sport.
During the Amazon jungle marathon 18 months ago she lost all of her toenails and suffered trench foot, finishing the race in a top 10 position.
Personally I think the physical effect ends at your nipples sticking out although given the reality of UK weather I am prepared to accept drivers are also in danger of contracting trench foot.
YOU might get trench foot in the flip-flops, but officially it's still summer, so try to catch a few rays in between bands in this Soul Cal cami top, pounds 19.
Louisa Swanston, 28, contracted trench foot, a common First World War complaint, while serving in Bosnia.
Many soldiers fighting in the First World War suffered from trench foot - an infection caused by standing in waterlogged trenches for hours without removing wet socks or boots.
Former Navy medic Dr Andy Ashworth fears Australian doctors may not be aware of the dangers of trench foot .
Dubbed one of the toughest athletic events in the world, race hazards such as injuries, trench foot and hallucinations due to lack of sleep took their toll.
As Phyllis Bembridge says, it takes away the focus from four years of horrific war, from the murderous machine guns, the barbed wire, the howitzers, the bombs, the constant bombardments, the mud, the fleas, trench foot disease, the awful gas attacks, the "over the top" advances, the wounded and dying and the firing squads for "cowardice".