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It was a tremendous weight-carrying performance from Trenchant, who, having come off the bridle down the back straight, was matched at a high of 300 (for pounds 1) while pounds 23 was traded on him at 100.
What they say Alan King, trainer of Trenchant and Lake Legend "Trenchant probably wanted a step up in trip last time at Chepstow, so that's what we're giving him.
Through the lens of fashion, Sameshima proffers a trenchant commentary on photography and its documentary claims, appropriation, the readymade, and homosexual desire.
Robert Hill's trenchant introduction reintroduces Schuyler's long and oftentimes contentious stewardship as one of the Harlem Renaissance's most forceful writers.
Tylus' analysis is significant in its insistence on the importance of Teresa's community of female readers; her analysis of Teresa's desire to cast her autobiography as a means to validate women's mystic experiences is trenchant.
Alan King, trainer of Saticon and Trenchant "There's not a lot between them on their form at Cheltenham and I think both of them will be helped by the step up in trip.
The tragic narrative is leavened with trenchant anecdotes and observations of kitchen politics, the tyranny of servants, and English ladies left behind by the Raj.
Charnes' readings are always lively and often brilliant, the most trenchant being the treatment of Richard 111 as the necessary "waste" of the trauma of one hundred years of war who as a character struggles unsuccessfully to rewrite the narrative of his deformity.