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Unfortunately for Russell Earnshaw's rebuilt Bees, however, all of the trepidation belonged to them, while newly-promoted Ealing cornered the market in optimism.
Stern said that he had to structure the project's financing with seven different lenders because of the trepidation many felt providing a loan in a city whose reputation for social discord and dilapidation still compete with the image of change that Newark's politicians and supporters have sought to cultivate.
It was with both joy and trepidation that I saw Professor Dan Vogel's book review of Yakov Azriel's [first] poetry book, Threads From A Coat Of Many Colors: Poems on Genesis (XXXIV:3, July-September 2006).
WITH GREAT trepidation and a roar of religious mumbo jumbo, many Saudis are opting for a matrimonial loophole known as the misyar (or "visit") marriage, a form of clandestine matrimony in which the woman gives up any spousal rights and stays in her own residence, the man visits her for sex, and after a while the union is dissolved by a divorce.
The film is groundbreaking because it boldly presents a young queer Filipino character without trepidation or compromise," says Robert Bernardo, president of the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance and a fan of the movie.
The waiter, with some trepidation, brings the bill.
Intelligent, witty, and classy--not to mention beautiful--Anne Counterman, a successful talk show host in Seattle, is facing her 40th birthday with trepidation.
Brian Lukacher's book is the first monograph on Gandy and the author explains with trepidation that 'first monographs are an inherently flawed and fragile scholarly medium' because everyone will inevitably be anxious to correct mistakes and exaggerations.
Like any new event--especially one that shines a spotlight on politicians--there was probably some trepidation about putting physical fitness on full public display.
While we share the trepidation of the Budget process, we believe that the best defense is an offense.
With great trepidation, they recognize that someday they will have to start earning their own way forward.