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Last year, officers caught 555 children trespassing on train lines, with 1,142 people caught overall in the North West.
Chief Inspector Mark Cleland, from BTP Wales, said: "We believe the number of children we encounter trespassing every year is sadly, just the tip of they yj p iceberg.
The two organisations are now joining forces to help tackle young people trespassing on the railways.
British Transport Police in Wales are educating young people about the dangers of trespassing with their fivea-side football tournaments.
Over the past 10 years, almost 170 young people in the UK have lost their lives after trespassing on the railway.
I did not think that I had to report the police that my daughter had been molested because I thought the theft and trespassing report had been enough - and they had already examined the villa and finished their job.
Arguing that desalination technology could have made the brackish water drinkable, the farm demanded compensation for trespassing.
Horn and Hulsey were accused of trespassing in the wooded area, and were found in possession of a stolen bicycle, police said.
Bieber also recently suffered from a trespassing incident.
While acts of restoration of old constructions in the Greater Beirut area remain subject to ministry and Department of Antiquities prior consent, illicit trespassing and tearing down of such constructions markedly increased particularly during night time, the ministry of Culture and Department of Antiquities duly reiterate implementing above warning to contractors responsible for acts of demolition as a flagrant trespassing of the law deemed punishable by legal prosecution.
Ricky Preddie, 26, faces six counts of driving without insurance and while disqualified, and one of trespassing on railway property.
19 ( ANI ): Released Pakistani prisoners, who had been languishing in Indian jails for trespassing into the country's soil, have returned to their homeland.