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The phases of a telephone triage in mental health can be identified sequentially: the opening; assessment and examination; planning and action; and termination.
New tools, such as pre-claim nurse triage, deliver the right balance by avoiding prematurely entering workers into the medical system, while not sacrificing the timeliness and quality of medical attention an injured worker needs.
The SATS uses a physiologically based composite scoring system, the Triage Early Warning Score, together with a list of discriminators, with which to triage patients into one of five colour-coded groups according to their degree of urgency for medical attention.
NATO triage sorts casualties into four categories: minimal, immediate, delayed, and expectant.
Linda, who worked for Triage in Aberdeen from February to October last year, added: "I had previously worked for another organisation trying to help people get back to work.
During the night, several patients were referred to the triage by the police, St John Ambulance and the city's voluntary Street Pastors.
Tx Triage Medical Kits provide a first responder with the essential tools to rapidly treat "Immediate" patients while performing initial triage.
The notion that the police presence at the former PIP is driving triage residents into other neighborhoods to commit mayhem and crime is unfounded.
It is therefore most regrettable that one individual with an outstanding tribunal case is seeking to put potentially vulnerable people off from engaging with Triage staff," he added.
15am the triage team are ushered into the medical room at one of the Skydome bars to see a 24-year-old French man who has been punched in the face.
Telephone nursing triage models vary widely depending on the size of the practice setting, patient population served, institutional resources, and staffing models.