attorney at law

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attorney at law (or attorney-at-law)

n. a slightly fancier way of saying attorney or lawyer.

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McGuirl determined that the trial attorney's alleged shortcomings in mounting Storey's defense were reasonable strategic decisions.
O'Donnell said, "Za is a gifted and well-known trial attorney with substantial experience and will do a superb job leading our growing White Collar Practice Group.
Young's trial attorney called the owner of the gun to testify and the man testified that he was in the van, but he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights when asked about whether he owned the gun.
Holland has been elected President of the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys (ADTA).
How can trial attorneys convey the crucial details in, say, a medical device patent case, to a diverse group of people who have likely never before considered what a patent is or does, much less the mechanics of how the invention in question works?
Practically, the race to bottom-out attorneys' fees now has the Florida Supreme Court in the position of ratifying statutory reforms that would have one trial attorney earn a little over a dollar an hour for a legal victory on behalf of his client.
She is also an established corporate trial attorney who received her J.D., along with various honors, from the New York University School of Law.
In private practice, Zirin developed an outstanding career as a trial attorney, generally in the field of commercial and securities litigation.
Scott, a Harvard graduate, has extensive experience in international law, having served as Trial Attorney at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for over ten years.
23 that Skakel's trial attorney, Michael Sherman, failed to adequately represent him in 2002 when he was convicted in Moxley's golf club bludgeoning.
Before entering private practice, he was a revenue agent with the IRS Examination Division and a trial attorney with the U.S.
A prominent helicopter crash trial attorney based in Kansas City, Robb has collected some of his prior aviation-related articles and speeches to incorporate into a manual on the features peculiar to representing plaintiffs of helicopter crash cases.