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The trial balloons being launched by the young literary critics today are especially nationalistic.
Holender is now putting out trial balloons about fewer dancers, not as many performances, eliminating the ballet school (where the Bolshoi ballerina emerita Ludmila Semenyaka has been engaged to teach) and, as next ballet director, the Russian dancer Vienna has taken to its heart more than any other since Nureyev--Vladimir Malakhov.
Tlass calls the Israeli Cabinet's decision to withdraw even if there is no Syrian-Israeli agreement "one of the manoeuvres and trial balloons Israel launches to split the Syrian-Lebanese track".
Although the first human-piloted balloon trip covered only 5 1/2 miles, it was preceded by trailblazing flight tests of trial balloons.
I conducted more interviews, launched trial balloons in the August and October 1997 installments of "CEO Journal," read a few books, talked with other consultants, and still couldn't come up with an acceptable explanation for why these events were taking place.
Perhaps the extreme positions outlined in the Federal Register notice were mere trial balloons.
Contrary to the tired "conventional wisdom" that thrives in Washington, this has not been a story of trial balloons and purposeful leaks, with some exceptions.
President Bush seems to be performing some quiet political meteorology of his own by launching trial balloons explaining What We're Fighting For.
The names of "favorites" for certain ministerial portfolios are routinely tossed around, and these trial balloons often carry the names of the brothers, cousins, sons-in-law, and brothers-in-law of leading figures, signaling the degree to which national politics remains a "family affair.
It's also tougher to float trial balloons on ideas because workers are too willing to agree with the boss.
True, it may have been more the guarded variety of optimism rather than the unbridled sort, but still there was a feeling that the issue was gaining traction after months and months of trial balloons and combating the inattention of legislators who always seemed to have something better or glitzier to put their support behind.
There were no "Draft Dean" Web sites or trial balloons floated by his fellow governors.