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To more fully comprehend the trickiness of these negotiations, imagine yourself within your uncomfortable, 15-year-old, adolescent skin and read these texts again.
As is the case with so much of the language and phrasing in the novel itself, Marlatt is here highlighting the multiplicity of meaning, the shiftiness and trickiness of language: that every use of language requires a supplement of more language.
I CANNOT for the life of me understand how anyone can fall for the fraudsters' trickiness.
Penelope's trickiness, which had enabled her to hold off her suitors with the ruse of Laertes' shroud ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: Od.
We didn't have his trickiness up front but to have Barnsey coming in meant we could be just as effective.
Jojo Moyes expertly weaves a bittersweet tale in this irresistible novel, taking careful interest in the dark corners that exist within great love stories, and the trickiness of simple happy endings.
But about seven months after the new rule took effect, the consequences have surprised everyone and illustrated the trickiness of bipartisan lawmaking on the issue: Branstad, a Republican and abortion opponent, hasn't approved any payments, but the few patients who were eligible for Medicaid-funded abortions received them anyway.
However, Murray said that Llodra has never tried any of his tricks on him and is like a young child with energy, adding that he is one of the best doubles players in the world given his trickiness, good hands and unpredictability and can capitalise on his opponents' ups and downs.
We do not want men 'docking,'" Scott Weinstein, a crew habitability trainer at NASA, said in a video about the trickiness of using the space toilet:
There are two dimensions Coetzee intends to bring forth, the first being the trickiness of confession, and the second the disciplinary function of confessing.
We stop talking for a moment, pondering the marvelous trickiness of the brain.