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But about seven months after the new rule took effect, the consequences have surprised everyone and illustrated the trickiness of bipartisan lawmaking on the issue: Branstad, a Republican and abortion opponent, hasn't approved any payments, but the few patients who were eligible for Medicaid-funded abortions received them anyway.
However, Murray said that Llodra has never tried any of his tricks on him and is like a young child with energy, adding that he is one of the best doubles players in the world given his trickiness, good hands and unpredictability and can capitalise on his opponents' ups and downs.
We do not want men 'docking,'" Scott Weinstein, a crew habitability trainer at NASA, said in a video about the trickiness of using the space toilet:
Add to that the energy and trickiness of Hal Robson-Kanu and the timing of his runs from midfield, we could, if we believe it, put on a performance of top standard for people to really sit up and take notice.
We stop talking for a moment, pondering the marvelous trickiness of the brain.
There were even a few unscrupulous thinkers who took advantage of this trickiness and used it as a justification for moral relativism.
This book, which is an updated version of a text first published in 1985, is an eloquent attempt to rescue the filmmaker from charges of superficial trickiness and to show that he is a neglected modern master.
Higgins's poetry addresses the complicated intersections Smyth refers to between gender, class, and sexuality, (dis)ability and age, if not to unravel, then at least to acknowledge the trickiness of the speaking human subject in all her or his relations.
THE trickiness of the River Mersey ensures that Liverpool Cruise Terminal staff never become complacent about docking the biggest liners in the world.
Secondly the inherent trickiness of historical biography in Africa will continue to produce two-dimensional subjects until more scholars seek to emulate the diligence of Professor Iliffe.
My associates' ideas gave me some new ones too: pop-up comments from the commiserating or felicitating prof, materializing from his wizardly screen to shake hands only after a passage of special trickiness or beauty had been negotiated; an option to indicate rhyme scheme; a toggle switch, available once the whole poem was successfully scanned, that would highlight in pure gold those places where rhythm departs from meter in ways that might enrich next week's essay in poetic interpretation.