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Dr Scott Bambrick, a business expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, added: "This trickles down all the way to the white van man and the trickle-down effect will reverberate to all corners of the country.
There is the infrastructure, financial support, experience and knowledge and it trickles down to other athletes so they are able to perform as well.
Gun control expert Professor Peter Squires said: "It may only be a trickle of weapons, but it does not take many trickles to create a significant guncrime problem.
You put enough trickles together and you get a gush.
A simple rusted steel cross in front of a little tower made of thin slate and glass sheets piled one above another, unmortared, with slightly rough edges overlooks a thick onyx slab, and a thin ornamental pool through which flowing water quietly trickles.
A headline in the March 13, 2004 Washington Post reads: "Oil Wealth Trickles Into Chad, but Little Trickles Down.