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Having success within a team means that when you get those gold medals and those performances, it trickles down," said Romero, who switched to cycling after winning a rowing silver at the 2004 Olympics.
All the 'trickle down' and 'trickle up' theories have done is to make sure that wealth flows, not trickles, to the advanced economies and nothing but poverty trickles down to us.
Gun control expert Professor Peter Squires said: "It may only be a trickle of weapons, but it does not take many trickles to create a significant guncrime problem.
The president tells us that wealth trickles down (trickle is the key word).
A headline in the March 13, 2004 Washington Post reads: "Oil Wealth Trickles Into Chad, but Little Trickles Down.
Wealth trickles down very poorly there and the bottom 10 percent of wage earners take in less than 4 percent of total wages.
Blood trickles from a head wound and she looks terrified as her husband covers her mouth with his hand to stop her blurting out their grim secret.
Antipoverty money now trickles no further down the class ladder than to graduate student neophytes, who by and large go on to reproduce the industry on the same terms.