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It strikes me as dull, and stupid, and mercenary, and tricky.
Now he might be tricky," Collins announced, "but he's got to kiss my foot and the stick just the same.
But she was unacquainted with the tricky ways of the fairies, and so did not see (as Maimie and Tony saw at once) that they had changed the hour because there was to be a ball to-night.
So we addressed ourselves to follow the brook that stole away from the spring in its windings and doublings and tricky surprises.
But the things Rivera fought for burned in his brain--blazing and terrible visions, that, with eyes wide open, sitting lonely in the corner of the ring and waiting for his tricky antagonist, he saw as clearly as he had lived them.
Danny, a tricky and consummate ring general, stalled and blocked and held on, devoting himself to recovering from that dazing first-round blow.
He turned his back on the others, as if about to do something tricky, and noted stealthily the weights which Carlier shouted out to him with unnecessary loudness.
30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tricky Twenty-Two, the newest book in the Stephanie Plum series, written by acclaimed author Janet Evanovich hit #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list and USA Today's Best-Selling Books list making it the perfect holiday gift.
MARIA SHARAPOVA fears she is in for a tricky first-round tie against British No.
It was really tricky to get all the shapes the same thickness, and if they weren't the exact size, they didn't fit together, meaning the house was wonky.
Contract notice: Lease contract - the tricky 25th anniversary concert of mediation, it is necessary to record hd mobile television kE[micro]zvetE[degrees]toegyseg- and parts of camera kit hire with operators required to image film making matters (part i -the tricky 25th anniversary concert coverage, it is necessary to record hd mobile television broadcast unit rental with operators, part ii: -.
I SEE once again that tricky Nicky Clegg has come up with some pre-election jargon.