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Citizens of Trier got a sneak peak of the statue last March, when a wooden copy was exhibited in the city (above photo).
Yet the characters coping with Isabelle's death often seem like mere vessels in service to the parallel theme Trier and writing partner Eskil Vogt have opted to explore within the project: the issue of artistic ambition, and how committing to a creative career (or abandoning it, as the case may be) shapes our lives and the relationships we maintain with loved ones.
A native of Minnesota, Trier joined US Bank in 2000 as a portfolio manager.
We are curious to learn how bad-boys La Beouf and Slater will work with von Trier, who is notorious for alienating his actors.
In a statement, the festival said it "profoundly regrets" that von Trier had made comments "unacceptable, intolerable, and contrary to the ideals of humanity and generosity" which it said underpinned the event.
At a press conference, von Trier had said he understood and sympathised with Hitler.
Cue the requisite media maelstrom: As soon as von Trier was done talking, bloggers blogged, pundits pronounced, the festival's organizers mumbled a few disapproving words, and the din, as is usually the case with things of this sort, grew too loud for anyone to make any sense of the situation.
2] That von Trier is a religiously-oriented filmmaker is evident from both biographical information and his oeuvre.
With a population of just 100,000, walking is the best way to see all the sights of compact Trier.
Von Trier was angrily asked to justify his film at a press conference and early reviews generally agreed that the film was misogynistic, deliberately provocative and turgid.
If I have to describe the real aim of the project, it is a sort of search for authenticity," Von Trier remarks in the Intimate Journal which he dictated throughout the making of the film (46).