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That regiment had been raised more than a year before, primarily in the area of (Company E, however, was recruited in Fort Edward.) Where Trifler was from is unknown; his hometown went unrecorded.
The expanded grocery section is particularly meaningful to Bloom and Trifler. The business it did in the first week has proven it as a traffic builder and as a profit center.
He is a trifler. He is too continuously serious--he thinks of himself as a creature of myth.
As for myself, who have been a trifler preposterously long, I find it necessary at last to come out of my cloud-region, and allow myself to be woven into the sombre texture of humanity.
An incorrigible trifler, Ausonius left few works of any consequence.
If considered as Classical Latin, it should mean 'player', 'trifler', even 'gambler'.
A "doodle" is a colloquial word for "a trifler, a dolt," and the verb "doodle" is taken by many to mean "make a fool of, cheat." The song seems to have been used by the British to provoke American troops during the Revolutionary War.
For us he remains a fluent trifler, the rhymer of a court gazette": English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century, 2nd ed.
This audience was thought to be most easily reached through the novel because, as George Walker notes, 'a Novel may gain attention, when arguments of the soundest sense and most perfect eloquence, shall fail to arrest the feet of the Trifler, from the specious paths of the new Philosophy' (The Vagabond, p.