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As soon as the rifle bore on the victim, Natty drew his trigger, and the partridge fell from its height with a force that buried it in the snow.
He appeared to be meditating some Patriarchal way out of his delicate position, when Mr Pancks, once more suddenly applying the trigger to his hat, shot it off again with his former dexterity.
He took the pistol in his hand and began asking about the working of the trigger, as he had not before held a pistol in his hand- a fact that he did not to confess.
he cried, and before Tennington realized what he intended he had thrown his gun to his shoulder, and aiming point-blank at Tarzan pulled the trigger.
All this I saw, and my brain now working rapidly, I thought a thousand thoughts; and yet I could not pull the triggers.
I strove vainly to force my fingers down on the triggers, and vainly I strove to say something.
The triggers had been wired together, so as to make the simultaneous discharge more destructive.
For example, analog triggers have significant trigger jitter because the analog trigger and signal acquisition paths run in parallel.
Trigger pull does make a difference in the success of your hunting shots.
The use of a less-than-optimal accrual period may cause a DI to have significant OID and, thus, inadvertently trigger the AHYDO provisions.
The farther their man is from the Trigger, the farther they are from "their man," but still very aware of the long throw to their man.