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They are triggered when a catastrophe causes a predetermined amount of losses to both the total industry and the buyer.
In particular, it offers certainty for taxpayers who were concerned that certain internal restructurings could have potentially triggered a pre-existing GRA, even though the transaction did not result in the stock (or assets, as the case may be) leaving the indirect ownership of the original U.
Archer: Jeff Hopkins Release: Wrist strap single caliper index triggered release.
The original circuit breakers represented price declines of 12 percent and 20 percent, but halts are now triggered by price moves of only 4 1/2 percent and 7 percent.
Despite medical records consistently showing a completed MDS that had been dated appropriately; a RAP Summary form indicating triggered RAPs with filled-in "Location of Information" (showing the care plan number for a "yes" decision to proceed, or a reference to an explanatory note for a "no") -- despite all this, according to the citation, the facility was not doing assessment at all
et ah Trigger jitter reduction for an internally triggered real time digital oscilloscope.
The "exposure" theory holds that coverage is triggered when a person is exposed to a harmful toxic substance during the policy period and that exposure eventually results in bodily injury.
For this reason, buy-sell agreements are frequently triggered by a shareholder's insolvency.